Monsters vs Aliens

by Tom Ingram

I just got back from the theatre. Some thoughts:

  • Hugh Laurie was great as Dr. Cockroach. He really captured that mad scientist feeling.
  • Stephen Colbert as himself as the President pretty much stole the show. I’m no big Colbert fan, but the parts at the beginning with him were the funniest parts in the movie.
  • I get the impression that there were two screenwriters in this movie: one was genuinely witty and intelligent, and the other was a dumbass. As such, some of the humour is funny, and some of it is just retarded.
  • Jack Bauer as the General was good, but his name (W.R. Monger) is one of the aforementioned retarded jokes. If I didn’t already know it was him, I wouldn’t have recognized the voice, though.

All in all, good wholesome fun, and well worth the time.