Changes coming out soon

by Tom Ingram

Changes, the latest entry in Jim Butcher’s excellent Dresden Files series, comes out a week tomorrow, April 6th. From the few details that have been released, it looks to be very interesting. Personally, I just finished reading Turn Coat, the most recent instalment of the series, and it was riveting.

The Dresden Files started life as an Urban Fantasy sendup of private eye detective stories. Since then, it’s grown into a much grander series with an epic scope. Butcher has stated that he plans to end the series with an “apocalyptic trilogy”, and I’ve heard rumours that the titles of these books will be “Hell’s Bells”, “Stars and Stones”, and “Empty Night”, though I don’t know how true that is.

You won’t see anything about Changes here for a while, though, because while I like hardcover books I’m not so big on hardcover prices. Sorry, Dresden. I love you, but not $30 worth.