New Acquisitions

by Tom Ingram

Today, after a trip to a used bookstore, I came back with two new items for my shelf. The Vor Game, by Lois McMaster Bujold, is a science fiction novel starring Miles Vorkosigan. I know nothing about the character or series other than that it’s allegedly good, but I’ve been wanting for some time now to expand my science-fictional horizons beyond the really recent stuff. Patriot Games, by Tom Clancy, is the novel the movie was based on. It cost fifty cents. Otherwise I would have taken it out from the library. Expect reviews.

Currently reading Your Movie Sucks, a compendium of Roger Ebert’s negative reviews. It’s wickedly funny at times, but Ebert is also remarkably humble and constructive where a lesser critic might go all-out with the vitriol. It brings to mind some interesting stuff about the nature of criticism and reviewing.

Also: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy: Live at ‘The Club’, probably Cannonball Adderley’s most famous album. I got it on CD. Guess what? No bonus tracks. I’m happy.