Updates happy and sad

by Tom Ingram

The good news is that I got my first real writing gig. I am now the staff science reporter for my university’s student newspaper, The Manitoban. This is very exciting, but it means that some changes have to be made here. The posting schedule of two articles per week that I’ve tried to keep up is becoming increasingly unsustainable. I will keep posting here (the next HL article, dealing with the beginning of Opposing Force, will be up shortly), but I can’t possibly handle more than one weighty article per week, and less during busy periods like exam time. I will still be doing the same amount of writing, more or less, but on different topics and in a different venue.

To compensate, I will try to post more short, isolated thoughts here, but this may not work out as I plan. But don’t worry about the continuing survival of this blog. I’m in the HL series for the long haul, and I’ve got a couple of article ideas cooking. Posting less often gives me more time to think and, most importantly, edit, so this could work out well.