by Tom Ingram

An ankle injury prevented me from going out and doing everything I planned to do this week, so I had a lot of time for introspection, which usually means some sort of cosmetic change happens here. This time around it’s a name change, one that looks just a hair more professional and less egotistical. It would be better if I could get my name out entirely, but, again, bad at naming things.

The new title acknowledges an epiphany I had recently, viz. that while this site’s focus in terms of subject matter has always been very loose, it’s all unified by the perspective from which the subject is approached, i.e. “aggressively middlebrow”. I plan to write something more about this soon.

Anyway, that’s that. One more Oscar profile (maybe two, depending on how productive I feel tomorrow) is coming, along with a list of predictions. After that, it’s back to regularly-scheduled programming. I hope to have another Half-Life article up in the next week or two, and the movie notices will continue (I never explained these Kael-esque tidbits—they’re a good way to keep fresh content at the site even during busy weeks when I can’t write something more substantial. They also are hopefully good conversation-starters, because who doesn’t like to talk about their favourite movies.).

Last week I saw a stunning performance of Barber’s violin concerto by rising star Augustin Hadelich. After several curtain calls, he returned and did an encore. Here’s a video of him doing the same piece in Indiana.