6(ish) for 9

by Tom Ingram

Again, I’m kicking myself for not seeing The Descendants, and I should have expected it to pick up an award and upset my predictions. Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist was a safe choice, but I really expected that Hugo would get more love than it did. Meryl Streep for Best Actress was a complete surprise, and not in a good way. I never thought they’d give it to her.

For Best Supporting Actor, I said that “I think it will be one of the nominees I did not see, probably Branagh or Plummer.” Technically I was right, which is why this I’m 6ish for 9. Plummer is now the oldest actor to win an Oscar, and his speech was a perfect example of how to do this sort of thing with class. And he’s Canadian, for what that’s worth. Go Mr. Plummer.