Attack the Block

by Tom Ingram

Genre Science Fiction; Comedy; Action
People John Boyega; Jodie Whittaker; Franz Drameh; Leeon Jones; Simon Howard; Nick Frost; Joe Cornish d.
/10 7

A gang of young British miscreants defend their tower block in the midst of an alien invasion.

This movie came out to mounds of praise, and it is a good violent action romp with some half-decent lines. You can’t argue with the execution on that count—the worst you can say about it is that it’s not the transcendent experience you’d expect, given the hype. The problem is that Attack the Block is a message movie that has Big Things to say about class and racial issues. The script fumbles a couple of Meaningful Lines and the whole mess leaves you feeling a little dirty inside. They couldn’t even manage the Star Trek-level subtlety of drawing the obvious parallels between the human and alien conflict.

The performances are good, this rarely seen underside of Britain is a fresh setting, and the ramped-up violence makes it a good dumb movie. Don’t ask it to be more than that. It won’t.

1h28m; 2011; Colour