I’m back

by Tom Ingram

I didn’t mention Canada Day last weekend because I was away from my computer all week. So happy belated Canada Day, all. I’ve been hard at work writing stuff that you won’t get to see any time soon. The plan is to bulk up my backlog of scheduled posts so that I’m not caught short during the busy parts of the school year.

This past week was spent writing a 2000 word article on a certain video game that came out a few years ago. This is part 2 of a series whose length is still undetermined. So far I’ve written 3000 words on it and I haven’t said anywhere near everything I want to say, even though I didn’t particularly like the game. I also wrote a short story I’m hoping to find a home for.

I’ve been mentioning the next Half-Life article every so often. I know that the last one came out ages ago. It’s not that I’ve lost interest, it’s just that I played through the level, gathered my materials, and then hit a busy patch and couldn’t actually write the article till much later, by which time I had forgotten everything I meant to say. Some time later, I replayed the level, but the same thing happened.

A week away from the computer also gave me some time to read the books I’ve been going at. I’m slowly working my way through Stephen R. Donaldson’s Lord Foul’s Bane, which I have mixed feelings about. I wanted to like it because it’s such a good idea, but there’s something off about the execution (and the rapiness right near the beginning spoils the hero for the rest of the book). I’m also reading (at a much faster pace) Roger Scruton’s book The Aesthetics of Music. There’s a whole lot to disagree with in it, but it’s a fascinating and, above all, complete account of music from a philosophical point of view. Once I’ve finished it I’ll discuss it in more detail here.

I suppose it’s traditional to close these updates with music, so here’s a piece by a composer I’ve recently discovered, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (no relation). I’ve heard his clarinet quintet, which is beautiful, but there’s no proper recording of it on Youtube. So instead, here’s his setting of the spiritual “Deep River”.