by Tom Ingram

I was going to do a real review of ParaNorman, which I saw on Friday night, but I really don’t have anything to say about it except: go see it. If you need more information than that, Moviebob’s review is a good summary. Seriously, I didn’t have even the remotest interest in it when it was being advertised, but I’m glad I saw it (incidentally, between The Raid, Cabin in the Woods, and now ParaNorman, Moviebob’s recommendations have been working well for me lately).

It’s a children’s movie, but one of the best kind: the ones that don’t talk down to kids. It’s not so much that there are jokes for the parents that will go over kids’ heads—rather, it deals with subject matter of interest to children in a way that’s entertaining to everyone. There are visual gags for those with a sharp eye, a script packed with good lines (“I’m nothing if not liberal, but this limp-wristed hippie crap needs to be nipped in the bud!”), a set of voice actors perfect for their roles, and something rarely seen in kids’ movies: actual dramatic pacing. There are even moments of silence. There are also moments of John Goodman. What more could you possibly want? Go see it.