by Tom Ingram

Genre Crime
People Alan J. Pakula d.; Jane Fonda; Donald Sutherland; Charles Cioffi; Roy Scheider; Michael Small m.; Gordon Willis c.
/10 6

A semi-retired call girl (Fonda) is being stalked by an unknown voyeur, while a private detective working a missing persons case (Sutherland) traces his subject back to her.

This is the first of Pakula’s “paranoia” films, and to my mind the weakest. The shots are structured the same way, the music is the same style, but the atmosphere lacks a certain something. Fonda does a very good job, but I think Sutherland is misused. He’s a very good actor, but the sad fact is that he’s kind of funny-looking, and as a result he’s only believable in certain kinds of roles. As they say, “Sorry, you’re the best actor but this part calls for a guy-next-door type. You don’t look as if you’ve ever lived next door to anyone.” Six Degrees? Ordinary People? Sure. But I don’t buy him in this.

1h54m; 1971; Colour; Oscars for Best Actress (Fonda); Oscar nod for Best Original Screenplay