Update, 25/11/2012

by Tom Ingram

I’ve been letting this place run on autopilot for the last few weeks. This has let me spend a lot of time practising, performing, going to concerts, and getting absurdly small amounts of sleep. I haven’t been doing much writing (aside from the unsexy but moneymaking kind), but you may not have noticed because there’s been a steady flow of articles forthcoming from here, many written in the summer. Unfortunately I’m starting to run out (some of them are in a half-completed or unedited state) and I’m hitting a busy patch—the last couple weeks before exam time.

That means that for the next week or two, posting here will be sporadic and untimely. Hopefully once classes have ended I will have time to do some more articles for this space.

In the meantime, I have some very good news. At this time I don’t want to be too specific because some details remain to be finalized, but an article I wrote back in August is going to appear in a pretty major SFF publication early next year. I am immensely pleased.