The Oscars

by Tom Ingram

The list this year includes a boatload of movies I meant to see but never got round to. At this point it looks unlikely I’ll see any of them before the Oscar ceremony, because I’m looking at an insane concert schedule through February and late January.

So, what can I say that hasn’t already been said elsewhere? The Animated Feature slate seems unusually strong this year—i.e., they actually found five films worth nominating, and they’re all good enough that they could plausibly win. I’d like to see it go to ParaNorman, for being the most interesting, original movie on the list and for the effort put into the animation. I also wonder if Pixar isn’t losing their touch. Brave was an underwhelming idea with (I’m told) underwhelming execution, and it follows up on the bankrupt Cars 2. Coming up, they have two sequels and a couple movies that don’t look very interesting.

For Original Score, we’ve got two previous winners (Marianelli, Williams) one new guy (Danna), and two frequently snubbed composers (Desplat and Newman). I’d give it to Newman for Skyfall—I’m sure the score for Lincoln is great, but John Williams has plenty of Oscars already. For Original Song, I would again give it to Skyfall.

Other than that, I have nothing to say. Here’s a Bruckner symphony for you: