by Tom Ingram

Finally got round to seeing Argo. It’s basically everything it’s been made out to be—a fine take on a historical watershed, very interesting and educational with some good acting and snappy lines, but nothing life-changing. The 70s aesthetic is hilariously spot-on, Arkin and Goodman are as entertaining as ever, and Ben Affleck is remarkably not annoying. Tension runs high, but in a subdued way, in facial expressions and little glances. It never gets graphic, but some scenes implying tortures and executions are quite visceral. Alexandre Desplat’s music is very nice.

Oscar chances: set against Lincoln and Les Mis, not good. Alan Arkin for Supporting Actor is not completely ridiculous, but although his moments were excellent, he was so busy supporting that he was hardly even in the movie. Adapted Screenplay seems pretty likely (assuming Lincoln doesn’t pick it up in some big sweep). Original Score is actually pretty likely, because Desplat has been passed over several times—I don’t know that I’d give it to him over Thomas Newman, but we’ll see what happens.