This year’s Oscars

by Tom Ingram

Tonight everyone except me will be watching the Academy Awards broadcast. I would, but I am rehearsing Rhapsody in Blue and Messiaen’s Oiseaux exotiques from 8:30 to 10:15. Counting transit to and from the hall, this more than covers the time of the broadcast. I’ll get the results online when I get home—if I’m not finding out at the same time as everyone else, there’s no point sitting through the tedious ceremony.

Here are a couple predictions, based on very little information. (I always predict awards ceremonies and elections based on vague impressions, and I never do worse than anybody else).

Best Picture: Lincoln is still the obvious choice to me. Les Miserables would seem at a glance like a strong contender, but it doesn’t seem to have gained much traction. Several critics are now changing their predictions to Argo, but I’d be surprised if it actually won.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis.

Best Actress: No strong front-runner, as far as I can tell.

Best Supporting Actor: A weird category this year. It could go to any of them.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway.

Best Director: Spielberg or Ang Lee. Not sure which.

Original Screenplay: Tarantino, but I’m not confident in this guess.

Adapted Screenplay: Argo.

Animated Feature: If it’s not Paranorman, it would be disgraceful.

Original Score: Hard to call, because it’s similar to the Supporting Actor category. Lots of regulars in here, so it almost doesn’t matter who they award it to.

Original Song: I’m still thinking Adele for “Skyfall”, but maybe the song from Les Miserables will win (it’s got everything going for it, Oscar-wise, except for the fact that it’s completely unmemorable).

As for Gershwin and Messiaen, the concert is next week. Also on the program is Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Winds. If you live in Winnipeg, you may never get another chance to hear the Stravinsky or Messiaen. 7:30 at Eva Clare Hall, free admission.