Detention (2011)

by Tom Ingram

Genre Horror
People Joseph Kahn d.w.; Josh Hutcherson a.p.; Spencer Locke; Dane Cook; Shanley Caswell
/10 6

A group of high school students (whose teenage solipsism is represented by shooting their respective scenes as if they were different movie genres) team up to stop a serial killer who’s murdering them one by one.

When this movie came out I was excited by the premise but due to its limited release I wasn’t able to see it. An entertaining and somewhat meaningful movie could be made off of that premise, and the script would basically write itself. This is not that movie; this is something infinitely stranger that doesn’t lend itself easily to description.

It’s cut together in a very abstract way and it moves fast. The dialogue is so mind-numbingly saturated with pop-cultural references that it’s difficult to tell what they’re talking about. Plot points are raised and discarded at a whim. I’m still trying to process this movie some time after having seen it. It’s not bad, exactly, just inexplicable.

By the way (and believe it or not), Dane Cook is actually one of the most easily acceptable things about this movie. That makes two bearable film roles for him (the other being that movie where he gets killed with a shovel).

1h35m; 2011; Colour