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If anyone is interested, I am now on Twitter.



Stumbled on a neo-Nazi site while searching for information on Adorno and Wagner. I hate when that happens.

Oh God, I did it again

One time, I was sitting around a table playing cards with some relatives. There was a bag of pretzels in the centre of the table that was a little old, and the pretzels were flavourless and stale. But neither I nor anyone else could stop eating the damn things.

I just read about a quarter of a thread from The Escapist. Every time I do this, it makes me feel physically ill, but I still click the links in the sidebar from time to time. It’s bad. Strictly enforced rules and real name policies do not effectively root out assholes.

The Escapist comment sections are dire

I read the site for Yahtzee and Moviebob, both of whom are much better critics than you’d naively expect. But every time I take a glance into the comments section, I weep for them. They deserve better.

Two Surprises

After a hard week of reading about Byzantine history, I took this weekend as an opportunity to be temporally profligate. The Avengers was much better than I thought it would be, given the lacklustre movies leading up to it. It was exactly the movie it should have been. Last night I went to the WSO’s season closer, Mahler 2. After I heard my first Mahler piece, the seventh symphony, I decided I wasn’t a fan and avoided his music thereafter. So this concert blew me away.


OK, I admit it, I spent today reading the past four months of the blog of Nick Mamatas, an author whose fiction I’ve never read or even seen, instead of writing the Half-Life thing I promised for today. Well, I’ve got it open in the other window, and it’s almost done—I swear—along with some other stuff that may or may not see the light of day anytime soon, depending on how bold I’m feeling.

Next year, I’ll get to see Yuja Wang doing Tchaikovsky 1 (and another pianist doing this piece). One of many highlights for the excellent 2012-2013 season.

Looks like I won’t be seeing Detention any time soon

The Escapist:

The best way to (attempt to) describe Detention is that it’s The Breakfast Club gone meta; whereas that film featured a forced together group of teenage life archetypes, the characters in Detention are instantly recognizable as teenage movie archetypes. The main characters of the different “High School Movie” subgenres and not only the droll and depressed “Daria” figure, the American Pie-style sex farce guy and the awkward romantic comedy girl. There’s also a nerd who’s stumbled onto metaphysical sci fi weirdness straight out of Donnie Darko, a parent/child magical body switch figure reminiscent of Freaky Friday and even a tragic dude living a Cronenberg-inspired version of the mutation-as-metaphor for puberty motif from X-Men or Teen Wolf.


The key to discovering CinderHella’s identity, stopping his/her/its rampage and correcting whatever greater mysterious negative force is at work in Grizzly Lake High is rooted partially in some Back to The Future-style temporal shenanigans, but also in whether or not the teen heroes can get outside their own heads and work together – i.e., to stop seeing themselves as the stars of their own personal “teen movie” stories.

Another quote, from the filmmaker himself:

What this came from was Columbine. I know that’s a very strange thing. I’d read this book on Columbine, and the story we’d always heard was ‘these kids were bullied’ and that made them go out and kill everybody, but the reality is, if you read the backstory behind Columbine, those two boys had dates, they had families. It’s not like two serial killers hooked up. What happened was they felt so entitled to their own problems that they thought their problems were bigger than anyone else’s. There was this inability to see outside their own world.

Wow. It’s almost like this movie is pandering to my preoccupations. This is the sort of thing I’ve been more or less obsessed with for the last three years. Naturally, I cleared my schedule for Friday evening (which wasn’t very difficult) and prepared to watch the hell out of Detention.

Unfortunately, it’s not playing anywhere near Winnipeg. You know what is playing? The Three Stooges, American Reunion, and goddamn Wrath of the Titans, the sequel to a movie nobody liked. This is why we can’t have nice things.

I couldn’t find a clip of Dane Cook being hit with a shovel in Mr. Brooks, so instead here’s Benny Goodman and Bela Bartok.


Classes are over, and exams have begun. I suddenly have lots of time for writing, but I’ve got about five articles going in parallel right now and with my sudden explosion of free time I don’t feel like doing anything other than listening to pleasant music and reading stuff on the Internet. I don’t think there will be anything up Monday, but I certainly hope to have at least one article here by Thursday. With any luck, it’ll be part 19 of the Half-Life playthrough.

Status – 2011-8-26 2:11

Interesting that one of the “top searches” leading to this site is “Brian Blessed’s teeth”.

Six Degrees

Just came back from seeing Captain America at the theatre. In the movie trivia things they flashed onscreen before the previews started, it said that Kevin Spacey has three degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon (I don’t remember the links they used). But off the top of my head I could link them in two degrees via Kevin Pollak. They should check those things better.

The Oracle of Bacon links them in two degrees through somebody else, but there’s something elegant about a row of three Kevins. By the way, that site is a thing of beauty. You can lose hours trying to stump it.