Battle: Old Jesus vs New Jesus

It’s that time again–time to dust off your best clothes, go to church for the first time in three months, and pretend you’re not getting a one way ticket to the other place when you die. That’s right, it’s everyone’s second favourite holiday of the year, Easter. People will gather from miles around to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. And what could be more Christian than Andrew Lloyd Webber?

You know what I’m talking about. Only one of the greatest cultural achievements of modern man, Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s a little known fact that there were actually two Jesuses Christ Superstar. There was the original 1973 movie, which everyone knows about, and then in 2000 there was a remake starring British UFO crazy Glenn Carter as God’s main man. It failed to make a mark, and hardly anyone talks about it anymore. I’m sure you’re all burning with that all-important question, which one is better? Well, as both a musician and Webber fanatic who rewatches these two as well as Joseph every April, I am uniquely qualified to comment on that.

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